Industrial Services

  • Understand your water treatment needs

  • Review and Analyse historical process data

  • Evaluate existing processes and operations

  • Process and control optimisation proposals

  • Improvement of Water and Wastewater Systems

  • Conduct Sampling Campaigns

  • Flow diagrams and high level mass balance

  • Technical reports with recommendations

  • Process and control optimisation proposals

  • Assisting in Implementation of recommendations

  • Generally part of a larger plant audit

  • Identify sample streams, sample volumes, frequency and analyses

  • Qualify and quantify pollutant load in feed and/or wastewater streams

  • Facilitated manually or with auto sampler for large daily load variations

  • Identify process improvement need

  • Decide on technology and finalise design basis

  • Firm up relevant costs and list important project drivers

  • Combination of Internationally proven processes considered

  • Compare (CAPEX and OPEX budget)

  • Rank most suitable technologies

  • Present to our Partner for discussion

  • Design deliverables development once process train selected

  • For more accurate budget or fixed and firm purposes

  • Deliverables can be tailor-made to our Partner’s needs

  • Include process, mechanical, electrical, control and civil designs

  • Necessary for accurate costing of multidisciplinary turnkey solution

  • HAZOP can follow final quality Basic design package

  • Commence with detail design and procurement

  • Support to our Partners regarding budget and/or fixed & firm costing

  • For water treatment plant, processes and/or equipment

  • Budget preparation or tendering purposes

  • Supply of plant spares, chemicals and consumables

  • Package treatment equipment

  • Turnkey solutions (design, build, install, commission) – EPC or EPCM basis

Residential Services



A proven borehole water treatment system package, designed specifically for the removal of Iron and Manganese, however we can expand the water treatment system all the way to drinking water level.

Typical Feed Water Specification

  • Total Iron (Fe): Up to 23 mg/l
  • Dissolved Iron (Fe): Up to 3.5 mg/l
  • Total Manganese (Mn): Up to 2 mg/l
  • Dissolved Manganese (Mn): Up to 2 mg/l
  • pH: > 6

Typical Results

  • Dissolved Iron (Fe): ≤ 0.3 mg/l
  • Dissolved Manganese (Mn): ≤ 0.4 mg/l
  • pH: ≥ 5 up to ≤ 9.7

Our Commitment To You

  • We deliver quality products;
  • We guarantee the process performance of our units;
  • We offer ongoing maintenance support and water analysis as an optional extra.

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