Industrial Services

We are a highly skilled team of Engineers & Technicians that specialises in water treatment solutions. We can provide solutions in any of the following key areas.

  • Understand your water treatment needs

  • Review and Analyse historical process data

  • Evaluate existing processes and operations

  • Process and control optimisation proposals

  • Improvement of Water and Wastewater Systems

  • Conduct Sampling Campaigns

  • Flow diagrams and high level mass balance

  • Technical reports with recommendations

  • Process and control optimisation proposals

  • Assisting in Implementation of recommendations

  • Generally part of a larger plant audit

  • Identify sample streams, sample volumes, frequency and analyses

  • Qualify and quantify pollutant load in feed and/or wastewater streams

  • Facilitated manually or with auto sampler for large daily load variations

  • Identify process improvement need

  • Decide on technology and finalise design basis

  • Firm up relevant costs and list important project drivers

  • Combination of Internationally proven processes considered

  • Compare (CAPEX and OPEX budget)

  • Rank most suitable technologies

  • Present to our Partner for discussion

  • Design deliverables development once process train selected

  • For more accurate budget or fixed and firm purposes

  • Deliverables can be tailor-made to our Partner’s needs

  • Include process, mechanical, electrical, control and civil designs

  • Necessary for accurate costing of multidisciplinary turnkey solution

  • HAZOP can follow final quality Basic design package

  • Commence with detail design and procurement

  • Support to our Partners regarding budget and/or fixed & firm costing

  • For water treatment plant, processes and/or equipment

  • Budget preparation or tendering purposes

  • Supply of plant spares, chemicals and consumables

  • Package treatment equipment

  • Turnkey solutions (design, build, install, commission) – EPC or EPCM basis

Water Treatment Plants

The focus of this series’ application is to remove dissolved salts from brackish water sources.

Kainos Desalination Plant
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