Impacting Communities

Aqua Partner NPC is a non-profit company founded by the Directors of Kainos Projects Africa as a vehicle for making a tangible difference to communities in need of water related solutions. The company name strongly emphasizes the way in which we want to achieve this: by PARTNERING with the relevant community role players to deliver water solutions to those in need.


Our Vision

Our vision is to positively impact communities by executing projects aimed at improving the quality and sustainability of water resources in the Western Cape, South Africa and Africa in partnership with NGO’s, the public and private sectors.

Our slogan is “Impacting communities” and this is exactly what we aim to do, but we cannot do it alone. We need the support of local government, industry and NGO’s to identify and communicate specific water related needs in communities. We rely on the resources and financial support from Kainos Projects Africa to design and implement robust, reliable and cost-effective solutions with financial support from local and international partners. All funds are properly accounted for via transparent bookkeeping.

Furthermore, our goal is to train and equip individuals and NGO partners in the local communities to operate and maintain equipment and we provide remote monitoring of equipment, as far as practical, to ensure sustainability of solutions.

If you know of a community in need of a water related solution or if you know of a party with a calling to invest in such a solution, talk to us and allow us to assist. We want to partner with you and make you part of the success story!